Roles Of Person Centred Counselling

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Person-centred counselling deals therapy in which client is the ultimate focus of attention of his or her own therapy. Person-centred therapy aims at creating a relationship with their clients through which the clients are able develop their self-awareness. Person- Centred counsellors deal with the present, i.e. the here and now. In person centred approach, the therapeutic relationship is of immense importance and is based on mutuality and equality.
“It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried.’ (Rogers, 2004, p11).
The most important concept of person centred counselling is ‘actualizing tendency’. It is based on the notion that individuals are driven by
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He is full autonomous and free to steer the wheel in any direction he wishes. The role of the therapist is to create a psychological environment in which the client is able to believe in himself as being absolutely fit and sufficient to take charge of his life decisions. The role of therapist in being non-directive can be summed up by a question identified by Rogers, “Am I really with this person at this moment”
Mearns and Thorne (1998) investigates the foundations of the person centred and states that focusing on past experiences is damaging for the present self-concept. This will have a domino effect as this self-concept will not let individuals reach their full potential and therefore, they will fail in becoming fully functioning persons. Furthermore, the need for positive self-regard, according to Rogers, developed in early childhood and directly influenced one’s self worth.
‘One way of assisting the individual to move toward openness to experience is through a relationship in which he is prized as a separate person, in which the experiencing going on within him is empathically understood and valued, and in which he is given the freedom to experience his own feelings and those of others without being threatened in doing so.’ (Rogers, ‘The Valuing Process in the Mature Person’,
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