Roles Of Project Management: The Role Of Project Management

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The role of project management

What is project management?
Project management is a collection of activities using tools, knowledge, skills and techniques to meet the requirement of a project which implemented by companies to development a new product, change a process, or solve problems.
Many project sponsors set their projects up to fail because they do not fully recognize how important of project management role is. To successfully manage the project, project leader should understand the role of project management in order to accomplishing project.

Effective project management in organization
Base on author’s understanding and working experience, effective project management in an organization means reaching the project goals on time, within
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Before beginning a project, project leader has to consider 3 key project constraints of time, money and scope.
 Project Planning
Project planning is most important of the project cycle. Project leader and team member must decide on budget, set timelines, identify resources and consider if any obstacle to accomplishing the project. A clear project plan in writing to clarify roles, responsibilities and project deadlines will be helpful to reach project goals.
 Project execution
According to the project plan, the project leader should assign roles and responsibilities to each team member and clarify individual deadlines with them. Team members need to report or communicate on a regular basis to ensure project tasks are being completed on time and to specification.
 Project monitoring and control
It responsibility of project leaders to monitors the project timeline, cost, project plan. They may set up review meeting, report, individual talking, etc. because of project leader is responsible for monitoring the project, determining if any constraints or roadblocks affecting the success of the project, and making necessary adjustment to the project plan.
 Project
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