Roles Of The Registered Nurse

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This assignment will explore and critically evaluate the role of the registered nurse in the development of a plan of care that is patient centred. This will involve examining and critically analysing the chosen nursing model in a holistic assessment of the patient and the use of the nursing framework ASPIRE (Barrett, Wilson and Wollands, 2012). For the purpose of this assignment the patient will be given the pseudonym Susan to protect her privacy and confidentiality in line with the guidelines set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2015). Susan is a 78 year old widowed lady who was admitted to a medical ward following an episode of coffee brown vomiting and breathlessness. Susan has a past medical history of chronic…show more content…
Orem’s Self-Care Model (2001) was developed by the American nurse Dorethea Orem and is very person centred by concentrating on what the patient is able to do independently and focussing care around that aspect (Barratt, Wilson and Wollands, 2012). However, it has been criticised for the use of complex language, terminology and concepts (Murphy, Williams and Pridmore, 2010). RLT was used in this case due to Susan’s main concern of shortness of breath (SOB) affecting all her AL and is the sole model used on the admitting ward and local NHS trust admittance paperwork. The ASPIRE framework, also referred to as the nursing process (Barratt, Wilson and Wollands, 2012) was used to structure and develop Susan’s care plan. Introduced by Barrett, Wilson and Wollands (2012), following on from APIE developed by Yura and Walsh (1967), ASPIRE stands for assessment, systematic nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, recheck and evaluation. Hogston and Marjoram (2006) believe that systematic nursing diagnosis was added to offer direction and time for the nurse to reflect on gathered information and systematically develop a diagnosis. Also the aspect of rechecking is to enable the nurse to monitor and plot a patient’s progress contributing to the final stage of evaluation of care and if its successfulness (Barratt, Wilson and Wollands, 2012). The assignment will now look at holistic assessment and the nurse’s
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