Roles Of The Registered Nurse

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In 2010 and 2011 inclusive, approximately 2.4 million hospitalisations within Australia were for the purpose of surgery. Of the approximated 2.4 million, 1.9 million of these were classified as elective admissions (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2010-11). Australia is shown to have an ageing population, (Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2006) which indicates an increasing percentage of patients undertaking surgery are elderly with numerous comorbidities. In considering these it pre-operative assessment as a means of risk management prior to surgery seeks to reduce the potential probability of perioperative complications.
The Role of the Registered Nurse in Pre-operative Assessment
The role of the registered nurse in Preoperative assessment is fundamentally to undertake a clinical risk assessment where the health of a patient is evaluated to determine if a person is fit to undergo the anaesthetic for a planned operation. Preoperative patient assessment is essential in identifying patient risk factors, provision of information and education, as well as the facilitation of any required measurements or laboratory studies, such as blood tests or electrocardiographs (Hines, Munday, & Kynoch, 2013). A well-designed pre-operative framework will decrease the likelihood of failure to advance to surgery owing to communication and/or administration errors (Rai & Pandit, 2003). Considering the role of the registered nurse in terms of pre-operative assessment it
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