Roles Of Women And Wives, Feminism, And Suburbia Vs. Urban

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I had the opportunity to watch a movie for The American Sixties class, and discuss the issues that was raised in the movie with my fellow classmates. For the movie review, my friends and I chose to watch The Stepford wives (1975). The reason why we chose this movie was because The Stepford wives was about wives who lives in a small suburb where the women happily do the housework and to please their husband. Since we were all females and all education majors we thought it was going to be interesting to watch this movie. This movie asked and addressed several questions and topics that were related to the American Sixties. The role of women and wives, feminism, and suburbia vs. urban are some of the issues and topics that this movie presented. Joanna Eberhart the main character lived in urban area and moved down to suburbia. At first she could not adjust to suburbia because it was too quiet. All the women’s were living their lives for the husband. The lifestyle, clothing, and everything else seem very different than urban lifestyle. Later in the movie, Joanna Eberhart created a women’s group. In this group meeting they were supposed to talk about their lives, relationship with the husband and other important things. However, while the Joanna and Bobbie were talking about their lives, ideal women (robot women) talk about cleaning supplies. They did not care who they were but only focused on how to be a perfect wives to cook, clean and take care of the children. The wives

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