Roles Of Women During History

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Women throughout history have made great strides in gender equality. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go. Career choices should be just that; a choice, not exclusion solely based upon gender. Joining the armed services for most is about service to your country, honor, and pride: For women this also includes limitations. Is it fair to limit what is accepted from women in terms of what roles they are allowed to serve in? Excluding women from serving in certain combat units sends a message of inequality and discrimination in a country that stands for a nation of equality. Women should be allowed to thrive in any position they choose when they meet the qualifications and training standards, even in combat units.
Roles of Women in The Military The ban on women serving in combat positions was lifted in January of 2013, which opened seventy eight percent of all military positions to women (Bumiller, & Shanker, 2013). Positions that are still closed based upon gender are Navy Seals, Army’s Delta Force, and most infantry positions (Press, 2015). The armed services were supposed to open all positions to women by January 2016: this was mandated by congress. Unfortunately as the mandate is closing in this issue is still being fought on all fronts. Legally this should be a non-issue as discrimination is illegal. The armed services were radically changed during World War II with the addition of over 400,000 women being integrated into non-combat roles in
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