Roles Of Women In The Arabian Nights

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Bryanna Samuels Dr. Collins Western Heritage 105-01 11-19-2017 The Arabian Nights Men have always been and most likely are the leaders of their families. Men are always supposed to be strong and fend for themselves, and always take care of the women and the children. In this case though, things are rather switched around. In the Arabian Nights, women play a very empowering role. It seems that in most cases the women are equal to the men and play the same roles as the men in Arabian Nights. The stories in Arabian Nights give a different insight as to what was going on during this time. The women were not valued as much as they should have been, they were often punished for not being as womanly as the man would like them to be. In the stories of The Arabian nights the men believe that they have the authority of two women personalities, this being their wives . The first example of this would have to be the action of betrayal of the wives of Shahzaman and…show more content…
This is absolute and final ” (Haddawy 15) . He tells her that she will suffer negative consequences, urging her to come back to her senses and abandon her request: “Foolish one, don’t you know that King Shahrayar has sworn to spend but one night with a girl and have he r put to death the next morning?” (Haddawy 15) “YOU, MY DAUGHTER, will likewise perish because of your miscalculation. Desist, sit quietly, and don’t expose yourself to peril. I advise you out of compassion for you ” (Haddawy 17) . However, in the end, Shahrazad achieves what she wants and “Tired and exhausted, the vizier went to King Shahrayar … told him about his daughter, adding that he would give her to him that very night”
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