Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries Essay example

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Every profession has roles, responsibilities and boundaries; governed by copious legislation and directed through company policies/ procedures. These ensure objectives are met and identified persons can be made accountable for their functions. In the teaching/ learning sector however, roles can be blurred and legislation somewhat confusing, suggested by Holtrop (1997) “Obviously teachers wear many hats; friend, counsellor, judge, mentor, hundreds of roles and different roles for different classes, students and extracurricular duties”. Nonetheless, the protection and safety of individuals and groups is the fundamental principle, and can be broken down into three key areas;
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It is my belief that all students can learn if given the right instructional approaches. Integral to this a teacher must be aware of their own learning style, to accomodate variations and not become static in practice. Some institutions, particulary mainstream schooling, can be prescriptive at this stage, limited by their syllabus and/ or awarding body. At PYP we have two types of education that is delivered. The 4-6 week respite is asssociated mainly with social education and lesson plans are at the discretion of myself and other facilitators as to the activities, excercises and resources used. However with older students we can attach three Asdan qualifications to their learning (PSHE, Expressive Arts and Sports), which has set tasks/ activities to choose from, with individual criteria. These Asdan qualifications can also be delivered on a 1 to 1 basis. The tasks have already been outlined and is the responsibility of the tutor to plan its delivery, considering relevant resource material. I am heavily involved in this stage. It is my responsibility to outline schemes of work/ lesson plans and correlate resources. Due to the complex nature of our students, balancing and improving concentration levels is central to this process, encorporating VAK learning styles and well timed breaks. All are at high risk of offending, being placed in social care and underachieving in many areas of their lives. We
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