Roles, Responsibilities, and Boundaries as a Teacher

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Part 1 Part A (1 & 2) – Roles, responsibilities and boundaries As a Training Consultant (TC) and teacher my main role and responsibilities are to educate and deliver effective training and impart my skills and knowledge in my specialist area which is Childcare. This is needed to support the learner either directly or indirectly and to maintain an inclusive, fair/just and motivating learning environment. I understand that as a teacher I am primarily responsible for the health and safety also the moral and physical welfare of my students/learners. I am also responsible for teaching students with Special Educational Needs. I provide Training to Learners within their workplace which can be either in a nursery, a school, Residential Care…show more content…
They are as follows: Integrity, Respect, Care, Practice, Disclosure and Responsibility. This is what all members should adhere to, to ensure that good quality teaching is carried out. Thirdly, members should constantly evaluate and reappraise their own methods, policies and practices and keep up to date with current developments in light of changing needs and circumstances. Lastly, member should be aware of the need for confidentiality within their professional practice. Part C – Equality, Diversity and Ways to Promote Inclusion The Department for education and skills have a handout called The learning Journey this is a vital tool for all assessors. This clearly shows the process to follow when meeting with the learner/student for the first time. I need to acquire as much information as possible to identify any support needs of the learners. During the discussion, as a teacher I encourage learners to seek initial and further learning and to use services within the organisation. This is called Signposting. This is when I will direct the learner on where to find additional information, guidance and advice or learning resources. Another service within the organisation is Referral. This is when I will direct them to an outside agency depending on the kind of support they require. If they have mental health issues I would direct them to Children and
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