Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

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A teacher is always an example, pacemaker and a paradigm for his students particularly for the whole society in general; therefore a teacher must be protected in the best way by following a code practice. For me being a teacher is absolutely a fantastic opportunity in teaching field which compel me to be an idol especially for students, therefore I must not discriminate or abuse (physical or mentally), respect them, having a course planning from before, and dress properly as a gentle man.
A code practice means a set of written rules which explain how people working in a particular profession teaching should behave.
Nowadays Britain became more multicultural society; professional teaching will change too, therefore I have to keep up to date with the change. I must ensure that I will fulfil all criteria toward the professional learning, build more skills and deepen my knowledge as a professional teacher.
The most important legislation that comply with for a professional teaching are:

Data protection Act 1998 and confidentiality: Learners expect from us to respect and protect all their confidentiality about any personnel details.
It means keeping information safe and private about students, do not shared with other, because students feels safe and trust with teachers within the classroom, but it must be revealed if the situation requires it. I must make sure that I do not leave any information lying around and not disclose any of my passwords. I also ensure in my role I keep
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