Roles, Social Work And Occupational Therapy

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This essay will focus on two different roles, social work and occupational therapy. Using the two professionals this essay will compare and contrast their roles and stating their similarities and the differences. This essay will involve the type of informal carers and service users that the two professionals work with. It will also mention other professionals that are likely to work with social work and occupational therapist. The essays will involve independent charities and organisations that work with the two professions and who the two professionals are regulated with. To help stating some of the different and similarities of the roles on the two professionals, this essay will use an example of a service user with learning disabilities. The two professions (social work and occupational therapist) will state some of their roles towards the service user with leaning difficulties. Using the same service user with the learning disabilities will show how the role of two different professional are similar and how some of their roles to that service users are different. Social workers take on a range of roles and their purpose is to support disadvantages individuals and improving their health and well-being for example organising the best quality care for children whose parents cannot care for them and for adults who finds it hard to cope in their own homes. Social workers safeguard the public from harm and they assist individuals to access training, benefits, work
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