Roles Women Played on the plantation during slavery

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Metropolitan Movements towards Emancipation

Topic: What role did women play on the Plantation?

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During my study of Caribbean history at Kingston College there has been little mention of women during slavery as such I wanted to get more information for my personal development and knowledge. The focus is primarily on the highlight of the male counterpart. The females

Enslaved women roles rarely appear in History books; mainly because men have written them. Women have always been a major part in history especially since they
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Through religion and dance, they were able to release themselves to their gods and at the same time engage in a form of passive resistance. At the forefront of all this was enslaved women, who passed down and kept alive a disproportionate amount of the cultural heritage of Africa that survived in slavery. They did so through their roles as mothers and healers, daughters and workers. They were, in short, strong women who felt it is their duty to uphold traditional values.

In many African cultures, women were honoured and this attitude towards them did not change within the Caribbean. Many of the religious rites and rituals took on an altered form in the Caribbean, but the role of women was constant. The proof is in the legacy that has been left behind. The same customs that enslaved Africans brought with them are still present today. For instance, women have handed down lessons through the art of storytelling, an art which they have maintained. Their stories tell of ancient people in ancient times but the morals are relevant even today, as are told in the Haitian folktale "Ti Malice" or the Jamaican folktales of "Anansi." Another part of life still present today is the art of hair braiding, an ancient African tradition, which has always created a bond between mothers and their children. As with cooking, it had
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