Roles and Functions of the Guidance Counsellor

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ROLES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR Guidance Counsellors are professionals who work in and out of the school system. Outside of the school system these professionals focus and interest is more on counselling and as a result are called counsellors. Guidance Counsellors form a part of the helping profession. They are professional helpers who have had graduate level training in the study of human behaviour, have a variety of helping techniques and supervised interships, counselling individuals and groups. Gibson and Mitchell (1999) describes a helping profession as one in which the members are specially trained and licensed or certified to perform a unique needed service for fellow human beings. Such professions are recognised by…show more content…
Individual counselling is done when individuals require more than what is done in the group. For example he or she may have a behavioural problem that is uncommon to the group. The counsellor then has to utilize a client centered approach so as to help him or her. The counsellor will counsel using established theories but will eventually discoverpersonal ones as time goes by or the need arises. Career Assistance This role has been a foundation one as the profession was borne to address this area chiefly as well as a few others. The counsellor has to provide clients with career choices, helping to inform them about the wide range of career choices and to guide them into selecting the ones that are best suited to their personality and potentials especially in a school setting. The counsellor may help a person to identify his or her personality type by issuing a question naire entitled “How do you see yourself” The client will be instructed to read and select options which best describes them. For example, one who like to do creative things, such as art, drama, dance, or paint has the ability to do something in the creative or performing arts. They will be guided to select a career in Arts. One who likes to study, solve problems both mathematical and science will eventually choose a career meeting those attributes (Example medicine). As mentioned earlier counsellors in both school and non-school settings have been
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