Roles and Responibilities Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities Paper Security and safety personnel must be able to fill numerous roles and handle many responsibilities as needed. Often this occurs when protecting an organization’s assets, as well as the health and welfare of the organization’s employees. These roles and responsibilities will vary, depending on the type of facility or the situation that the security/safety officer may find themselves in. This paper will look at some of the roles and responsibilities that security and/or safety personnel may encounter.
Role of Security/Safety Officers The primary role of security/safety personnel involve the protection and securing of businesses, institutions, and the assets that they contain. This may involve
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Additionally, the safety officer will act as a consultant to other departments on safety issues (, 2009). When operating as a security officer, the duties involve guarding gates/entrances, patrolling the facilities while remaining alert to signs of vandalism, theft, fire, and terrorism. Employers have an expectation that their security officers will protect employees, investments, and assets. Under normal circumstances, this would require the officer to remain alert to potential hazards and to deter criminal activity (, 2010).
Initial Response In the event of an emergency, the security/safety officer responding to the incident needs to examine the scene. It is of extreme importance for the security/safety officer to approach the scene cautiously, deliberately, and completely aware of their surroundings. The scene should be examined for any danger that could cause harm to those responding. Resist the urge to rush in; others cannot be helped until the situation has been fully assessed. If the situation is suspected of being a crime scene, the security/safety officer needs to use extreme caution, so any possible evidence is not disturbed.
Securing the Scene The area should be roped or taped off to eliminate the chance of other individuals contaminating the scene. The security/safety officer’s primary function is to control the scene. This often involves crowd control, media control, traffic

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