Essay on Roles and Responsibilities

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Review your own role as a teacher and the responsibilities that you feel come with that. Also explain what you feel is not part of your responsibility as a teacher of adults.

As a teacher of adults in the Lifelong Learning Sector my own Roles and Responsibilities would be very different and varied from other teachers/tutors in different levels and sectors of education. However, there would also be many similarities in core principles and practices.

As a teacher it is a part of our role to multitask which includes:

• Managing a diverse group of learner. • Managing activities to be performed by the group. • Identifying and accordingly modifying the course content to suit the needs of the group. • Managing the learning.
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• Equal Opportunities – Equality and Diversity • Performance and Management standards of the Organisation • Lifelong Learning UK Standards Published 2004 (Revised 2006) • Department of Education Policies • Safeguarding Policies – Venerable Adults

• Identifying any needs the learner may have, (funding, learning issues, personal problems affecting learning).

• To keep myself up to date with changes in legislation, teaching techniques and any changes within the subject being taught. I do this via the web, books, news, and Teacher’s code of professional practice and standardisation meetings. I also record this through keeping a record of Continuous Personal Development.

To sum up always be professional, dress appropriately, be on time, speak clearly and treat all learners equally with the dignity and respect they deserve. • Prepare detailed Short and Long Term learning programs that are in accordance with the organisations objectives and students requirements • Be aware of how and when to use the best method of delivery of a subject. Formal methods such as Lectures and Assessment. Informal methods such as Discussions and Activities. • Plan, Set and Evaluate Assessment. Analyse the results
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