Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership and Management in a Hospital

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Roles and responsibilities of leadership and management in a hospital Introduction Leadership is a process in which a person influences others socially so that they can support him or her to accomplish a task that is common to them. It is not compulsory for a leader to have formal authority for them to be able to organize people in the achievement of this common task. There are several theories that attempt to describe the concept of leadership. These include: Early western history theory, Rise of alternative theories, reemergence of trait theory, attribute pattern approach, behavioral and style theories, positive reinforcement, situational and contingency theories, transactional and transformational theories and neo-emergent theory. There are several leadership styles. This refers to the behaviors that the leaders have. They include autocratic leadership, where the leader acts as a dictator. The leader makes all the decisions by him or herself and does not allow any decisions or advice from the subordinates. The democratic leadership style is where everybody has a say which can then be included into the final decision made. Laissez-faire style which is also called the free rein style is where the leader gives freedom to the subordinates. The subordinates are allowed to make their own methods and policies. Leader described Nurse Patricia is the nurse who was interviewed. She is the nurse manager. A nurse manager is the head nurse and is involved in the

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