Roles and Responsibilities of School Governors, Senior Management Team, and Other Statutory Roles

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Worksheet 2

2.1 Describe roles and responsibilities of school governors, senior management team, and other statutory roles (e.g. SENCO), teachers, support staff

| Roles | Responsibilities | School governors | The school governors must appoint a chair and a vice-chair and may wish to make a number of other specific appointments to lead on to certain aspects of the school. There are many different types of governors such as parent governors, staff governors, community governors, authority governors, foundation governors, partnership governors and sponsor governors which all play a part in making schools successful. | The school governor’s responsibilities are to set targets for pupil achievements, managing the school finances,
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* Specialist and technical staff who are on hand in schools to provide knowledge and resources that support learning and teaching. * Site staff ensures that the environment is clean, safe and tidy and make sure meals are available at lunch time. | The support staff responsibilities are to support the school so it’s running smoothly by helping pupils progress their learning and welfare, making sure the school is clean safe and tidy, have knowledge and resources to support learning and teaching. | Head teacher | The head teacher is the head administrator of the school who works with the school governors and Senior management team to make sure the school is running smoothly and taking on any problems and solves them. | The head teacher is responsible for the whole school from staff, pupil to finances. | | | |

2.2 Describe the roles of external professionals who may work with a school (e.g. educational psychologist)

| Roles | Responsibilities | Educational psychologist | Educational psychologists bring a specialised perspective to children. They are concerned with children’s learning and development and bring a positive change for children by their skills in a range of psychological and educational assessment techniques and in different methods of helping children who experience difficulties in learning, behaviour and social adjustment. | Educational psychologist responsibilities are to help children who have difficulties in a
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