Roles and Responsibilities of a Certified Nurse

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Being a certified nurse aide, I know for a fact that being a registered nurse would make for the ideal profession for people who have the passion of taking care of others, being challenging but very rewarding, as well. In this sense, nurses are meant to promote health, provide medical and emotional support to patients, as well as educate them regarding the management and care of various illnesses. As a registered nurse, my responsibilities and duties may include administering medications, monitoring patients' progress, attending to their needs, managing IV lines, and providing assistance to physicians during various medical procedures. While the job of a nurse can be extremely demanding, requiring much dedication and patience, it is also one of the most fulfilling careers there are, due to the opportunity to help people who are suffering from ailments and health conditions. As a matter of fact, registered nurses also have excellent employment outlooks and great payment prospects. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession is expected to increase 27 percent in number from 2010 to 2020 (Edublogs, 2012), which constitutes an outstanding and unique ascent. Regardless of the economic recession and its devastating effect on employment, medical practitioners will never cease to be in demand. Thus, practicing medicine as a certified nurse aide is fulfilling, yet becoming a registered nurse would be equivalent with a safe career, because
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