Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

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Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector


Executive Summary

This paper will focus upon the roles, responsibilities and boundaries in planning, managing and delivering learning based around the teaching training cycle. This covers the application of learning styles to identify the differences of my learners. The issues of entitlement, equality, diversity and Inclusitivity will be addressed. It will also address the relevant legislation in my area of expertise and the importance of record keeping to maintain quality standards. The outline of scheme of work, lesson planning, methods used and resources available to meet the needs of my learners.


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Roles, responsibilities and functions of a teacher 4
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I thought it was useful to set up a course file which contain all the documentation that is needed to deliver the course. This includes the syllabus, session plan, scheme of work, assignments handouts and activities. All the record of my learners are kept alphabetically so that I can easily access the learners information easily. I tend to keep certain information about my learners such as their application form, interview, Initial assessment, assessment records, action plan, tutorials, and review notes. I always make sure that I have some extra stationery hand as many of my students tend to forget to bring it with them. There are so many characteristics that make up an effective teacher. I always have additional worksheets prepared for my learners to carry out just in case the session finished earlier than expected. Teachers are addressed with many names such as assessor, coach, facilitator, counsellor mentor however it is necessary that I must work within my professional boundaries. It is about knowing where my role stops as a tutor. For instant make call to a learner to find out why they have not turned up, but continuously ringing the learner is not appropriate. I always make sure that I follow organisational requirements and policies. Below are some boundaries of a teacher:

➢ Your roles are limited to teaching pastoral care

➢ Cant undermine other colleague roles

➢ Not undermining departmental
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