Roles and Responsibilities of an Accountant

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Introduction The popular stereotype of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is not all that there is when describing this profession. The typical description of accountants are detached, calculating and impersonal. My interview with Bob Smith, a seasoned professional within the accounting field, proved that this depiction is not always right and there is much to learn about the finer details of this type of work. The purpose of this essay is to relate my gathered interview information to demonstrate the learning that took place during its execution. This essay will give a report that communicates important information regarding the many differing aspects of this career. I will explain in detail the background and career path of my subject before describing the roles and responsibilities of Bob's work. I will also comment on the necessary communication skills that are required to be an accountant. Interview Report Bob was an accounts payable clerk working for a domestic paper producing plant for three years before he became a Certified Public Accountant and moved into the public accounting field in the early part of 2007. Bob now is employed as a tax accountant for the last 5 years at a mid-sized firm dealing with other mid-sized firms as clients. Bob's job description is varied and entails many challenges. His business' structure demands that he travels around a lot in order to meet with his clients all over his designated region so they do not have to drive for hours to
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