Roles and Values of Nursing

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Roles and Values of Nursing
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Roles and Values of Nursing
This paper is a comparison of the views of a BSN staff nurse and a BSN clinical administrator on various aspects of nursing roles and how they contribute to my professional development. Both of the nurses that I interviewed had obtained a BSN and worked in a hospital owned orthopedic and spine medical group. There were commonalities in several of their answers related to patient care but differences related to their roles
Interview #1
The first nurse that I interviewed was a staff nurse in a physician’s office within a hospital organization. She had obtained a BSN and has worked as a staff nurse for 5 years. I submitted my notes on her responses
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Both nurses identified opportunities for directing patients to appropriate resources for financial assistance for medical treatment. The clinical administrator discussed opportunities for community educational programs and assisting in health fairs that she and her staff could be involved in.
How does information technology apply to your specialty area?
Because of the meaning use requirements imposed by the govenrment, an electronic medical record is an integral part of all medical practices. The staff nurse discussed the safety benefits of the electronic medical records as it relates to the patient. The clinical administrator concentrated on the practice management and billing components of the computerized system as well as the quality data that can be captured.
How would you describe your role in your current position and your educational preparation for this role?
I have been promoted to a management position of multiple medical practices from a staff nurse and realized the need for additional education. The clinical administrator I interviewed had leadership training which has assisted her in establishing financial accountability, management of personnel issues, teamwork, and monitoring efficient daily operations. Teamwork and delegation are vital to a manager and not something that I concentrated on as a staff nurse. In this management role, I will not be able to handle all issues that
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