Roles of Core Technologies in an Effective It System

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A successful IT system is something that is composed of several different functional components to make it a whole. It takes each component to efficiently work so that the entire system runs smoothly. When one or more parts of the system are not properly working it can affect the entire IT system as a whole and render it completely vulnerable to people with malicious intentions. In this paper I will discuss the role of each component in it and shed some light as to why each is needed. First let us take a look at computer programming. This element takes on different program designs created by engineers and uses one of several different programming languages to write executable code that computers can read. Programming is the source for…show more content…
Databases are the heart of the company. This is where all crucial company information is stored and can be accessed. Some databases are stored on site others in remote locations or using clouds. The information within a database can be manipulated in any way that the company needs it to be. Databases help to quickly search and retrieve information, it saves from data redundancy. In order to ensure that all information manipulated through an IT system is safe and reliable we use some type of information guarantee. Information Assurance manages the risks that can be posed during the transfer and storage of data. It protects the legitimacy and privacy of all data within the IT system. It seems as though information assurance plays with that fine line between security and constancy trying to find a balance of both. Web technologies are one of the last components to an IT system. It connects the company to the World Wide Web. A company may utilize it to service clients where they use the interface or it could be used by the company to input client information. Web technology can be used as a way of staying connected with multiple people at once. Web technology also can help a company save, transfer, and download information that has been saved into a cloud. Each of the five core technologies plays an important role
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