Roles of Media in Environment Awareness

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Role of Media in Environment Awareness

The rapid expansion and new breakthroughs in the arena of science and technology have taken humankind into a new age. The developments have both pros and cons. On the one hand, while technological developments have affected almost every aspect of human life, at the other, it has its devastating effect on the nature itself. Thus mankind faces double challenges from modern machines and from saving the nature, the mother earth. At this paradoxical juncture, the role of media, so to say, becomes very important and worthwhile. In this modern knowledge-society, media plays the role of facilitator of development, disseminator of information, and being an agent of change. Regarding the issue of
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This will pose a major scientific, social and political; challenge for India . And in this, India can learn precious little from the countries of the so-called developed world. As the economies and populations of the Western world grew, they began to extract resources from other parts of the world. First there was the stage of colonialism. Today it is done through the world market system. Western countries are net importers of biomass
Products from the Third World not net exporters to the Third World.
Indian villages are highly integrated agrosylvopastoral systems. In other words, each Indian village has its own croplands, grazing lands and tree or forestlands, and each of these land-use components interacts with each other. What happens in one component invariable impact on the others? The entire village ecosystem is often held in fine ecological balance. Trees or forestlands provide firewood. This helps villagers to avoid the burning of cow dung, which in turn helps them to maintain the productivity of their croplands where this dung is applied as manure. Simultaneously trees and crops help to compliments the grassland in the supply of fodder for domestic animals. Grass is generally available from the grassland during the monsoon period. As grass availability declines with the unset of the dry months, crop residues obtained from croplands and leaf fodder obtained from trees helps animals to tide

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