Roles of Men and Women

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Changing roles of men and women adapting to changes in work and family life in Australia. Roles of men and women have changed in today's context, unlike the past, it was caused by cultural and sociological changes around the communities. Roles can be defined as the characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual. The aim of this essay is to investigate the changes in responsibility of men and women, adapting to changes in work and family life in Australia. This essay will focus on three main points, namely, the roles of men and women in former times, their changing roles in Australia, and gender equality. The first point of this essay will focus on men and women roles in the former time. Firstly, Women's roles were…show more content…
Half of them went back home while the other half still continued their work (Igglehart, married women and work, 2). It was likely that World War II was one of the biggest causes of changing culture and social aspect in the Australia communities and made men and women roles start to change and having reformation. There is possibility that it was one of the factors that caused the influx of married women into work force. Iglehart also presents that working married women are having dual responsibilities in home and at the work place (Iglehart, Married women and work, 59). It shows that although women have been working outside, they still have responsibilities to do the house's work well and must have the ability to balance it. However, it is possible that the balance work between home and work's place will become hard and many women have to choose one of it. . The second section will concentrate on men's changing role. Men's roles are varying now, where many men are also doing housework and raising the children. Lewis states that roles and tasks that men in the previous decade did not do within their homes are now done by more men. Moreover, he also reports that there are many personal developments in nurturing children, wives, kin, and friends are done by middle-aged men (Lewis et al, Men's changing roles in the family, 3). It might possible that many more men are interested in family or home's activity

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