Roles of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare Organizations

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The role of a nurse practitioner has changed and progressed over the time since their inception. Nurse practitioners in today’s environments of hospitals and clinics in treating primary care has expanded. Their roles has expanded that in some states a nurse practitioner can work in a clinic stand-alone without an overseeing physician. Do all states offer these privileges to nurse practitioners some ask and the answer is no. Some states still have the requirement that nurse practitioners must be overseen by a physician. In today’s environment of physician shortages this leads to nurse practitioners being limited in the field of scope of primary care. Not a lot of physicians are going into primary care because of the lack of money that they may earn as a general physician over as a specialist. This problem has led to the shortage of physicians in the field of general medicine and what hospitals and clinics are trying to do to remedy the situation by using nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These organizations see nurse practitioners as a means of filling this void in primary care. Studies have shown that nurse practitioners deliver a higher quality of care or equal to that of a physician. Clinics in states that allow a nurse practitioner to practice freely from a physician are able to create openings in areas that physicians typically would not apply for. These states are seeing more nurse practitioners and physician assistants in rural areas by allowing
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