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Roles of Special Interest Groups AJS/552 October 13, 2014 Roger Long Roles of Special Interest Groups Today women have more rights than they have ever had, but it came at a price. Over 40 years ago a case brought before the U.S. Supreme Court laid the foundation for women who wanted to have a choice, this choice was abortion. The famous case Roe v. Wade paved the path for women all over the United States to make their choice in the matter of pregnancy. However, there have been several activist groups that feel no matter what this is wrong, these groups result to violence that have been said to be a form a domestic terrorism. In 2003, Norma McCorvy, know has Jane Roe in the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, changed her…show more content…
("Cornell University Law School", 2014). In 2008, the World Health Organization estimates over 21 million unsafe abortions have been performed globally. The stigma of abortions has pushed some women into unsafe places to have this procedure. There is an estimate 47,000 deaths each year from unsafe abortions. Some women have gone to the point of taking medicine that self-induces abortions, and then they too worried to seek medical attention when something bad happens. This stigma brings feels such as secrecy, shame, guilt, and fear. According to Culwell and Hurwitz (2013) “Stigma prevents or delays access to safe abortion as well as making lawmakers reluctant to relax restrictive legislation that limits information, funding, services, and training of healthcare providers. Stigma is a societal construct, usually with the purpose of societal control, to punish behavior outside the societal norm” p. S17). Public safety is another issue with abortion. Activist have had groups set up outside of abortions clinics, though their intentions maybe harmless at times it has gotten out of hand. In Massachusetts, a 35-foot buffer zone law was stuck down by the Supreme Court; this law would offer a 35-foot zone around the abortion clinics. This law would have banned non-employees from coming within 35-feet of the clinics, the Supreme Court ruled this was against their first Amendment rights.
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