Roles of Technical Support

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ROLES OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT As a technical support, we are here to help our customers with the issues that they are reporting. One rule of being a technical support is to always remember "Not to make our customer feel that we are getting rid of them, instead make them feel that we are here to assist them". Listen and then respond.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities : * Provide client support and technical issue resolution via E-Mail, phone and other electronic medium. * Configuration of client 's equipment to connect to the Internet using proXPN software. * Configure software to connect to Internet application servers. * Obtain general understanding of OS and application operations related to company offered
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So basically, we do a lot of expectation management on the support desk. A lot of times, there 's nothing wrong except the customers’ expectations of what it should be. So the trick is to handle the customer in a way that keeps them happy and satisfied that they 're getting good service. FAMILIARIZATION WITH THE TOOLS * PROXPN REPORT -in this tool, you will be able to check the record/account of the customer. -First thing to look for is the search box in the upper-right corner. You can look up user email or PayPal transaction ID in there to find users. -this tool is mainly used for: 1)Order review - we review orders for fraud prior to accepting them 2)Userlookup 3) Abuse lookup

* SUPPORT SUITE: (Help Desk) -this tool is used to check the tickets submitted by the customers. -representative can reply for further assistance, can close the ticket once the issue is resolved and can leave notes if needed. -used to open ticket for the customer if we need some information from them. PROXPN REPORT: (
Creating PPTP for the customer: 1. Pull up the customer 's record by placing the email address at the upper right corner that says "search". 2. Account should be on PAID status. Coz if not you will not be able to create PPTP for the
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