Roles of Urban Redevelopment authority in Tourism Planning

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Introduction to Urban Redevelopment Authority
The Urban Redevelopment Authority, also known as URA in short, is an independent statutory board under the Ministry of National Development which took on roles in the planning of the land use of Singapore, as well as being the conversation authority. Their mission is “to make Singapore a great city to live, work and play in” which means that the objectives of URA are channelled into attaining the broad vision of turning Singapore into a unique destination for tourist, while a liveable city for its citizen. These objectives include the conservation of heritage buildings, ensuring sustainability with the limited amount of resources Singapore have, the further development of new and iconic
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Therefore, Singapore needs to have good tourism planning to also accommodate to tourists, while ensuring that locals are not compromised of their own interests. A healthy balance of land space and resources to be distributed for business and commercial uses, housing and tourist sites, are hence relatively important in ensuring that all the different needs of the locals as well as tourists are met.
Due to the fact that building a tourist destination requires lots of resources, especially the soft and hard infrastructure of a destination which are relatively important to a destination in terms of its attractiveness to tourist, proper tourism planning had to be done beforehand in order to deliver such infrastructures. Especially iconic buildings which required a certain amount of time in order to be completed, usually required large amount of planning in order to assure the infrastructures are to be completed in time in order to fit into the timeline of the project and whole master plan. It is therefore crucial in delivering the infrastructure in the stipulated timeline of the destination in order to accommodate to the tourist.
Tourism planning is also important in allowing when or what infrastructure is needed to be built to fit into the tourism plan which STB may set out to achieve. One of the example is Marina Bay Sands integrated resorts which has become one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, has had actually gone through extensive planning beforehand. This is to

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