Roles of Vision at Mentor Graphics

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Roles of Vision at Mentor Graphics

Strayer University
25 May 2012

Discuss the way vision was used at Mentor Graphics. The intentions were good but the process included the creation, which was good then as time passed it became vague and even more confusing and ultimately the vision came back to what the original vision was. Mentor graphics was formed in the early 1980’s and since that time has had over seven different visions. The visions had been used as a guide to decision-making and referenced what their future should be. One of the visions was “Beat Daisy.” This was what they wanted their future to be and they successfully did “Beat Daisy.” The new vision was developed
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Finally, after all these vision changes Mentor finally came back to a vision that was similar to its original which was to create goals that were short, medium and long term goals which related to building things that people will buy. The leadership team got off track in relation to the vision of the company leading to the overall stumbling of the organization. Discuss whether or not the vision helped or hindered change at Mentor Graphics. The vision at Mentor Graphics helped and hindered change at Mentor Graphics. The vision changes were like being on a roller coaster. At the beginning of each change Mentor Graphics revenues rose and this happened despite the recession. Mentor Graphics did suffer from typical growth problems, including decline in quality and problems with of internal company coordination (Palmer, Dunford, Akin 2009). At times, stock values suffered and the ability to make sound judgment.

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