Roles of the Cardiovascular System

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Our cardiovascular system is composed of the heart and blood vessels. The main purpose of this system is to transport substances throughout the body. Even though transportation is the main function of the cardiovascular system, it is not the only function. Along with transportation we have protection and regulation. Transportation has many roles in the cardiovascular system. First, our blood carries oxygen from our lungs to all of our tissues. While taking oxygen to our tissues, it also picks up carbon dioxide from them and takes it to our lungs to be removed from our body. Second, it delivers nutrients from our digestive tract to all of our body’s tissues. Third, it takes waste to our kidney’s to be removed from our body. Fourth, it…show more content…
Veins are made up of more elastic tissue and less smooth muscle and carry blood to the heart from the body. The heart wall has three layers that surround the heart. The outer most layer is the epicardium, middle layer is the myocardium, inner layer is the endocardium. The main purpose of this article is to see what factors can contribute to the risk of induced Hypertension and Preeclampsia during a pregnancy. This article states that Preeclampsia and Hypertension can cause maternal morbidity. In this article they assess the exposure to chemicals or a physically demanding workload to the cause of a hypertensive disorder during a pregnancy. The data in this article was collected from an age range of seventeen to forty-six. Do be in this study women had to have no history of pre-existing hypertension, their pregnancy was conceived without any reproductive techniques, and had to have a paid employment before and during the pregnancy. They looked at maternal characteristics and occupational characteristics when they collected their data for this study. For maternal characteristics they looked at age, weight before pregnancy, height, education level, ethnicity, parity, body mass index, smoking, alcohol, folic acid use, and if they had Preeclampsia or pregnancy induced Hypertension. For occupational characteristics they looked at long periods of standings, long periods of walking, long periods of driving, lifting or carrying weight above 25 kg, night
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