Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry, By Mildred D. Taylor

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Thematic Essay
The novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry is written by Mildred D. Taylor. In the book, the story tells about a family in the state Mississippi on year 1933, named as the Logans, who were African-American sharecroppers, owned a small piece of farmland and planted cotton. Throughout the story, the Logan family had struggled through hard times, some rougher than others, such as racial injustices and boycotts. But the Logans never did completely lose hope; and it was because their relationship and support of each other and their relatives.
When the bank called up a note for the Logans to pay, Uncle Hammer, the uncle of the Logan Children and the brother of their father, David or as known as Papa, Uncle hammer borrowed a part of the money and sold a few of his belongings, including his Packard and then delivered them by hand in order for the family to help pay the note. Later on, he traveled all the way to the Logan’s home in order to deliver the money he had, due to not trusting mailing or wiring money. When Cassie, the daughter of the Logan Family, told her father that Uncle Hammer has sold his packard, Hammer just simply replied, “What good’s a car? It can’t grow cotton. You can’t build a home on it. And you can’t raise four fine babies in it.” (Chapter 10, Page 178) The way Uncle Hammer’s support to the Logans can be seen that despite what things he has for himself, supporting your relatives worth more.
Therefore, when Uncle Hammer left on New Year’s Day after
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