Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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JR Caggiano In Newbury Award winning author Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, There is an African-American family named the Logans. The Logans struggle with the racist white 1930 Mississippi community. In the fifth chapter Cassie (the only daughter of the family) displays many acts of innocents while joining Big Ma on her trip to Strawberry. The first act of innocence shown by Cassie happens when she sees the other wagons selling their goods over at the entrance. At the entrance they would have more customers then they would at their spot. But the owners of the wagons that were at the entrance were all white. Cassie wanted to go over towards the entrance to they could get more customers but Big Ma said no. This shows that Cassie is innocent because she is unaware of what the white people could do to them if they see that black people are stealing their customers. Earlier in this book it talks about John Henry. John Henry was a black man who was pretty successful. As soon as the white people found out he was back in town they killed him. Back in the 1930’s whenever a white person sees that a black person is doing better then them they get jealous. So if any of the white wagon owners saw that a black person was getting more customers they would take matters into their own hands. This also shows that Cassie is innocent because if they did move up with the white wagon owners they would be constantly harassed. Just like how Cassie is harassed by the kids on
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