Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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It’s 1933, and there is a time of hardship and trouble for black people in the south. Even though black people were freed from slavery, the white people still maintain control over black people, due to the lack of jobs, education. The majority of the poor blacks living in the south are able to survive by sharecropping. This works to the advantage of white people, as they are able to maintain the illusion that they are superior. In the book, “Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry “, the author focuses on the conflicts that arise in this struggling town. The author introduces us to the Logan’s, the only black family to own land independently , and T.J.,the son of a sharecropping family. As we follow the relationship between the Logan’s and T.J. throughout the book, we see that T.J has chosen the wrong path and begins to spiral out of control And the choices he makes affects the logans constantly . One result of his actions, ends up getting Mama , one of the Logan’s, fired which leaves less money to help pay for the land, His downward spiral continues as he begins to hang out with the Simms, who happen to be white and the town troublemakers and whose family has and had trouble with the logans . The results of his actions, cause T.J. to lose his friendship with the Logan’s entirely. The book reaches a dramatic turn when T.J. is conned into stealing a gun from the store by the Simms. The consequence ends up costing him his freedom and the Logans’ land.

T.J finds himself

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