Rolling Disasters: Safety in Automobiles

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Rolling Disasters In 1886 Carl Benz applied for the patent of his “vehicle powered by a gasoline engine” leading to the birth of the automobile. His creation was a crude three wheeled vehicle powered by a 0.75 horsepower engine. (Daimler Corporation). Benz’s creation would slowly progress into what we know today as the modern automobile. The French and Germans perfected the blueprint for the early automobile, however the Americans would be the ones to dominate the industry in the early twentieth century. In 1908 Henry Ford introduced mass production techniques with the Ford Model T that would soon become industry standards. (Foner). His introduction of mass production would put the automobile in the hands of the common man and ingrain them in our society. The automobile has changed the way we work, play, travel, and do business. The automobile industry is a cut throat business full of corporate greed, political lobbying, and poor decision making that has led to countless deadly designs that have been put on American highways. Automotive safety advocate Ralph Nader published his book “Unsafe at any speed” in 1965 bringing awareness to automotive safety and accusing automakers about their resistance to introduce safety features. Nader showed that automakers had the technology to improve safety it just depended on if they wanted to use it: “The gap between existing design and attainable safety has widened enormously in the postwar period. As these attainable levels of

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