Rolling in the Deep: Song Analysis

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"Rolling in the Deep" Introduction The song that was chosen to be analyzed was called "Rolling in the Deep". Adele "Rolling In The Deep" lyrics is written by Adele and Paul Epworth as what is considered to be a shady bluesy gospel disco melody, presented on the album called "21". The song is thought to be a hit that was a crossover, the largest in the United States from the previous 25 years, expanding airplay from a lot of various radio stations. [2] The song had come on the scene during the month of November during the year of 2010 as the frontrunner single of the entire album. The lyrics describe the story of the emotions of a rejected lover that has been scorned. Its purpose is basically that of vengeance. On this retaliation song, it is clear that Adele is laying into a previous boyfriend. "This song is really about me trying to make a little bit of a statement," Adele told Q Magazine. "Individuals will hear lyrics and go, Man! this lady ain't playing around." Basically, the argument used in this essay will show how this song portrayed that Adele is giving the boot to a dude that is unfaithful to her. It is her saying, 'Get out of her life instead of her begging her boyfriend to come back. It is her reaction to being told that her life was going be uninteresting and lonely and nonsense, and that she was a weak person if she chose not to stay in the relationship. Analysis In the song the main theme is about revenge and rejection. However, it is important to

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