Rolling in the Street

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Rolling in the Street In May 2013, Major Bloomberg launched a new bicycle program to have an additional mode of transportation for the citizens and visitors of New York City. The Department of Transportation chose to have a Public Private Partnership with Alta Bicycle Share over a fully public operated system in order to have an effective and faster delivery of the project. In addition, Citibank paid $41 million and Master Card $6 million to be the title sponsors for the bike-share program. Although supporters of the bike-sharing program are hopeful Citi Bike will reduce congestion and boost public health by active transportation, in a big city like New York, only a selected part of the population will be enjoying the benefits. This paper aims at addressing how public-private partnerships effectively increase the level of production and efficiency, but negatively affect other important sectors of the economy. Presently, the key stakeholders are the government, the suppliers of the bikes, the employees, the costumers and the community. Each of these groups contributes in some way and has their own opinions, views and suggestions for the project. These stakeholders are crucial for Citi Bike and therefore their interests must be recognized in order to facilitate the development of the project. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) main interest is to provide safe, efficient and sustainable transportation methods for New Yorkers (DOT
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