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Pillbug “Roly-Poly” Behavior LaB  Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to observe the behavior of the Armadillium vulgare (roly- poly bug), as well as hypothesize whether it will be attracted to, repelled by, or unresponsive to certain substances. Methods 1. Observing the pillbug: examine the pillbug’s shell and body, shell shape, color, texture, number of legs, number of antennae, motion, speed, and sex after close examination. 2. Formulate hypotheses: choose substances (powders and liquids) and suggest whether the pillbug will be attracted to, repelled by, or unresponsive to each substance. 3. Perform an experiment: using a control, test the pillbug’s reaction to the substances 4.…show more content…
Yes, data can prove a hypothesis to be true. Conclusion Scientific Theory A pillbug has 14 body divisions If a pillbug curls into a ball, it can be concluded that it feels threatened. Pillbugs that back away from a substance are repelled by the substance. THOUGHT QUESTIONS: 1. A scientific theory is a concept that ties together many varied conclusions into a generalized statement. 2. It is important to use one substance at a time when testing a pillbug’s reaction because in this experiment we are trying to determine whether or not the pillbug is repelled by, attracted to, or unresponsive to a specific substance. If you use more than one substance at a time, it will not determine whether the pillbug is attracted to, repelled by, or unresponsive to a substance, especially if the pillbug is already headed towards the direction of a substance. 3. No, the scientific method cannot explain all observations. In order for the scientific method to explain all observations, it must be able to answer a question about something that can be measured. The question: Do pillbugs have a color preference ? cannot be tested by the scientific method. METRIC MEASUREMENTS & MICROSCOPY REVIEW QUESTIONS: 1. 11 mm equals 1.1 cm 2. 950 mm equals 0.95 m 3. 2.1 liters equals 2100 ml 4. 122°F equals 50° C 5. 4.100 mg equals 0.0041 g THOUGHT QUESTIONS: 19. Locating

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