Roman Achievements and Contributions

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Roman Achievements Jigsaw Background: The period of great cultural achievements for the Roman Empire is referred to as the Pax Romana, or “Peace of Rome.” Beginning after the Republican Wars in 27 B.C., and lasting to about 180 A.D., this era was marked by general tranquility and unity across the empire. By this time, Rome had overtaken most of the Mediterranean world and had spread its culture. Family & Religion The family was the basic unit of Roman society. Under Roman law, the male head of the household, usually the father, had absolute power in the family. He enforced strict discipline and demanded total respect for his authority. His wife was subject to his authority and was not allowed to administer her own affairs. Changing…show more content…
By this time, Rome had overtaken most of the Mediterranean world and had spread its culture. Art and Architecture When the Romans conquered Greece, they shipped home thousands of Greek statues. Roman sculptors did a brisk business copying Greek works, and talented Greek artists found rich patrons in Rome. In time, however, Roman sculptors developed their own styles. Greek sculptors idealized the human form, using athletes as models of perfection. Roman artists created more realistic portraits. Roman artists produced beautiful paintings to decorate walls of homes. Although few Roman paintings have survived, landscapes and scenes based on the Iliad or Odyssey were preserved in Pompeii, a city buried by the eruption of the volcano, Mt. Vesuvius, in 79 A.D. Romans also designed magnificent mosaics, which are pictures formed of chips of colored stone. While Romans borrowed many ideas in architecture, they also made important advances. From the Etruscans (the people who first lived on the Italian peninsula) and Greeks, they learned to use columns and arches. They improved on the arch by inventing the dome, roof formed by rounded arches. The Romans also introduced new building materials such as concrete. New building techniques allowed architects
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