Roman Aqueducts

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Roman roads were constructed with a combination of dirt, gravel and bricks made from granite or hardened volcanic lava. The Romans had a strict standards when designing their highways, creating arrow-straight roads that curved to allow for water drainage. The Romans built over 50,000 miles of road, mainly for the military. Stone mile markers and signs let travelers know the distance until their destination, while special complements of soldiers acted as a kind of highway patrol.

The Romans has created many surgical tools, but the most important was on the battlefield. Medics would go and save many lives keeping the army strong. Medics also helped to stop the spread of diseases through the camp. Roman military medicine worked so well that many soldiers
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None of these aquatic innovations would have been possible without the Roman aqueduct. These aqueducts used gravity to transport water along stone, lead and concrete pipelines and into city centers. Roman aqueducts were built so well that some are still used to this day.

The Romans made a stack of bound pages that is now known as one of the earliest creations of the book. The first were made of bound wax tablets, but these were later replaced by animal skin that more clearly resembled pages. Bound codices did not become popular in Rome until the first century. Early Christians became some of the first to use the new invention, using it extensively to produce copies of the Bible.

The Colosseum is an important landmark of Rome because it was a gift from the Roman emperor. He gave it to his Roman people, it soon became a symbol of power. The Colosseum was also used to show animal hunts, mock sea battles, reenactment of battles and dramas.

The Pantheon was made in honor and as a temple of the gods. In front of the Pantheon is the beautiful “Fountain of the Pantheon”. It was designed by famous architecture Giacomo Della
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