Roman Architecture And Its Impact On Society

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Introduction Roman architecture is a thing of the past; however, it still has a large impact upon society today. Roman buildings are what our buildings were derived from, a lot of the art we think of when we see a building was once thought of by the romans, was once built by the romans, and some of these buildings are still standing today, not many, but a few. Now, roman architecture is significant because of how it affected the growth of our architecture, how it evolved changed how we evolved. This will show how roman architecture began as a thing of functionality and grew to a thing of beauty. Roman period Roman architecture was originally founded by the Greeks, and was, in reality, a continuation of Greek architecture. Some say the Romans brought architecture to a new level, I say that the romans just enhanced what was already there. The Romans adopted new techniques, used new materials, and combined existing techniques/materials with creative designs to create new architectural structures. A few examples of these new structures are; the basilica, triumphal arch, aqueduct, amphitheater, granary building, and residential housing. Many of these additions to architecture were spurred by Rome’s need to grow. The reason that these buildings grew so large and became so wide spread was because they were funded by a state apparatus, causing these constructions to survive until the present day. Roman architects continued to follow the guidelines established
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