Roman Art : A Picture Book By Christine Alexander Essay

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The Roman Republic is famous for many events, people, and histories. In fact, there have been numerous excavations in which a variety of pottery, paintings, mosaics, statues, and coinage have been discovered from the Republic era of Rome. These numerous items have been analyzed and written about for the purpose of identifying their beauty and creation during the time in which they were made. However, there use as and influence as propaganda has not been fully analyzed. While there might be slight hints in artwork created during the republic area, it is not an area on which many historians have addressed in great depth with specific artworks. (explain why they should and how it would help with the greater overall standing of Roman history / Republic) In the book, Roman Art: a picture book by Christine Alexander, she has compiled a number of photos of art from the Roman Republic period. While there are only a few are from the Republic era, they are still quality pictures of surviving artwork from that time. Each picture includes the title of the piece, the time period it is roughly from, and its dimensions. She also gives a brief summary of the development of Roman art as she transitions into each of the pictures she has included in her book. This book has a subtler influence in the world of artwork and its influence. (Confusing??) The author, while she provides a brief description of its influence, gives the viewers simple descriptions of the artwork so as to come to
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