Roman Art Of Ancient Rome

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The art of Rome is considered completed art of ancient society. Legitimately argue that, although Roman masters continued the tradition of Hellenic, yet the art of ancient Rome - an independent phenomenon, determined by the course and the course of historical events, and living conditions, and the originality of religious beliefs, character traits of the Romans, and other factors. Roman art as a special artistic phenomenon began to study only in the twentieth century is essentially realized only if all its originality and uniqueness. Yet still many prominent antiquity, believed that history of Roman art is not written yet, not yet revealed all the complexity of its problems. In the works of the ancient Romans, unlike the Greeks, dominated by the symbolism and allegory. Accordingly, the plastic images Elliot conceded Romans picturesque place, which is dominated by the illusory nature of space and form - not only in the frescoes and mosaics, but in reliefs. Sculptures like maenads Scopas or Nike of Samothrace, is not created, but the Romans belonged unsurpassed sculptural portraits with a very precise transfer of the individual characteristics of the person and character, as well as reliefs, reliably fixated on historical events. Rome Masters unlike the Greek, who saw reality in its plastic unity, more inclined to analyze, the dismemberment of the whole into parts, detailed images of the phenomenon. Greeks saw the world as if through all unites and binds together the poetic
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