Roman Battle Techniques

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Ancient Roman battle techniques were superior to other civilizations because of their shield, spear and formation tactics. For example, their shields were chest height and rectangle made with birch and a material called scutum which is the wood used to make the frame. They used the shields to make formations and block arrows from enemy bows. Their shields were painted based an abstract painting of a bug. There were many shield formations but this research paper will focus on the tortoise and the orb. The tortoise was a tactic to stop arrows from hitting the soldiers. This formation could be done by the whole army but it was mostly done by the wigs. The orb was a tactic used when surrounded by enemy lines. The soldiers would get into a circle with their backs in the center and their shields and spears in front of them. The formations of…show more content…
The names of the basic four armor sections are, Lorica Musculata, Lorica Hamata, Lorica Squamata, Lorica Segmentata.The first was a basic breast plate and metal strips made with a curl to protect the private parts. The breastplate is made in a way to fit each soldier specifically. It was created for that soldier and so they had curves where the abs where. The hook armor was like chainmail and it was made to fit under the breastplate. It was linked together and hung around the body in a loose way but was tied at the waist with a belt made from a leather strip. The scale armor is thought to be the the strongest and in some ways it is. Although it it like a dragon's scales, it takes a lot of metal and time to make this and it was not used often. The last body armor suit is made from stipe of metal hooked together, which is durable. Unlike the breastplate this form of armor is very flexible and has breathing room for the chest. The Ancient Roman defensive equipment and formations were substantially more advantageous and grew to be fierce and
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