Roman Catacombs Research Paper

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This report will mainly be about the Roman Catacombs, I will also talk about how they came about, what they are primarily used for, and also how these things go back thousands of years. Catacombs are underground, which is a city of the dead with different passages with tombs in the side. Roman had a law that stated that no one can be buried in the walls of Rome itself. Catacombs are made out of different soils, these soils are solid and hard, they needed them to last forever so the people won’t get destroyed. It is astonishing on how they are still around today and you can go on tours to see these catacombs. This soil is still around today and for the most part still together in several catacombs. These catacombs go on and on for about 350 miles of thousands of people who have…show more content…
The walls, ceilings, and catacombs are made out of plaster, and they also used paint to decorate them. This plaster last so many years and it was made very well and sturdy to hold thousands of people. In the catacombs there are galleries at the surface of these galleries there air and sunlight provided. There were many engraved things these things reflected the different things in society for example the wars, slavery, and maybe even a depression era. When an era would end you really wouldn’t hear or see any other things on that event, as soon as it ended they didn’t talk or engrave more things on that topic. Another catacomb I will be talking about is the Paris catacomb. These catacombs hold many bodies approximately six million people, this catacomb is in an ancient mined which is like a tunnel of tombs for the dead people. Many of the catacombs around the world are somewhat different but in many ways the same. It is neat to read about who had things engraved and what sculptures they had around these catacombs. Catacomb Symbols: Symbols: Definition of
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