Roman Catholic Church and Troubadours

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Richardson 1 Cody Richardson Mr. Payne Music Lit Troubadours The birth of troubadours resided in the rich culture of early 12th century France. They are considered by some to be the frontrunners of secular music. Many were persecuted and killed for their music by the Catholic Church. Troubadours carried the main theme of love in all of their songs. Songs consisting of many different kinds of love were played in courts and sometimes at public meetings. These songs always had to be appropriate for the courts that they were played. Troubadour music in some courts may have even been considered to be racy in current times. The songs helped to show the growing equalities amongst the classes. All troubadours had to show a massive…show more content…
Around 1209, after failed attempts by many Catholic institutions were made to convert nobility and their troubadours, a war began. The Catholic Church believed that secular music about love was a great sin that needed to be dealt with. After Simon of Montfort crushed the first poorly organized resistance of nobles, many troubadours fled and some decided to stay and fight as part of the Occitanian resistance. In 1216 the resistance defeated Simon and sent him home. Over one hundred years later the Pope decided to send inquisitors in to France, as a response to Simon of Montfort’s loss. This second effort was successful in ending the resistance. Many troubadours were burned alive and others were imprisoned (Jinright 1). Even after the major rise and fall of the troubadours, their ideas lived on through their music. They were the revolutionary thinkers of their time. Troubadours brought new ideas to the way of thinking in many different areas of life. Troubadours were able to express their views on both love and war. They were not afraid to express even the most erotic details of love or talk of epic battles, full of knightly honor. The lords and ladies of Richardson 4 medieval noble houses got bored with listening to work created in monasteries. The people of the time became more interested in music that told stories. Songs were created by the finest troubadours try and let citizens know about the crusades. Almost all songs talked

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