Roman Catholic Essay

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E it Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).
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Roman Catholic: Worship

Name of Candidate: Andrew Jevaughn Jerome Tibby
School: St. Georges College
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Teacher’s name: Ms. McKay
Year of Exam: 2014


The researcher would like to thank God firstly for giving him the strength to complete this project. A big share of gratitude is given to my teacher for helping me to choose such a comfortable topic. The researcher’s parents is also to be thanked for their motivation and strong support.

The Roman Catholic denomination falls under the religion of Christianity.
Roman Catholics find the use of blessing very important, because they
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Pope John Paul II added a new set of mysteries, the luminous mysteries, which mark some of the important teachings of Jesus' life. Some Catholics carry rosaries with them everywhere, in pockets, purses, or wallets.
Medals are small discs, usually made of metal, that depict images of Jesus, Mary, or a saint; they are commonly worn as necklaces but show up in other formats as well. Theologically their purpose is to remind the believer to be open to God's grace, but Catholics have traditionally believed them to carry certain power. For instance, a Saint Christopher medal in cars is supposed to protect passengers, while a necklace containing the Miraculous medal of Mary is said to protect its wearer. There are an enormous number of different medals, each thought to provide a particular protection.
According to Church teaching, the most important sacramental is the use of blessings. Blessings are a form of prayer asking God to grant grace to the person, place, or thing being blessed. Catholics often say blessings before consuming meals, thanking God for the gift of the food they are about to eat. Catholic parents have traditionally laid their hands on their children's heads as a form of blessing, asking for their protection and guidance. Some blessings require the services
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