Roman City Construction

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The Roman City used both physical and mental traits during the entire building process and it's final completeion. The relation, to the city, between the two contrubutions was equal. Many accomplishments of the city involve being both physically fit and thriving with in a mental state. One must be strong and broad in order to lift and assemble the building and other structures throughout the city. The constructors also had to be mindfully advanced when it came to projecting ideas and then actually carrying them out. The two attributing characteristics had a porportional, yet disntict purpose along the establishment of the Roman City. Being Intelligent was a vital part of the construction process. The working individuals had to reamin thinking ahead at all times. Many struggled would be proposed, leaving the 'architect' responsible for their fixation. The city had to be both requirdley stable and offering a comfortable lifestyle to it's citizens. For instance, "No privately owned building...could be higher than twice the width of the street... This ensured that the sunlight always reached the street." The city layout was preplanned, resulting in a efficient buildng effort. The poeple would be content, for the sunlight lit up the streets and was a visable factor to the city.…show more content…
The assemblers had to be strong and willing. The materials used varyied in size and weight, but were mostly massive. This ensured a quality city, another thing relating to the city planners, they thought ahead when simply choosing the foundation of the buildings. The text states, "...workers separated and lifted the huge blocks from earth." Having this assigned job would be a lot of work and would require motivation. Having a built and broad body would be reassuring in these circumstances, allowing the job to get done in a productive and positively effectant
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