Roman Concepts of Military Leadership Essay

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Leadership can be defined as “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” While the wording comes from the United States Army’s Leadership manual, the same principles applied to the men who served in the Roman army, both the Republic and the Empire. From 508 BC to 1453 the Roman’s would be a considered a “superpower” in the world with “all roads” leading to Rome as the old proverb explains. A superpower is maintained with a strong military and Rome was no exception. During her reign, Rome saw a vast number of generals and leaders that would stand out over time. Three of these leaders would be Trajan, Marius and Scipio Africanus.…show more content…
Trajan would continue to move across towards Decealus and his armies, building roads, bridges and forts to engage his enemy. Trajan’s forces did not have a grand victory initially. The Dacian’s resisted his efforts and the weather played into the enemy hands as Trajan and his forces took heavy casualties. Cassius Dio reported that Trajan used his own robes to help make bandages for his wounded, and had an altar and funeral rites in honor of his fallen. While Decebalus may have claimed victory in the first Battle of Tapae, the second Battle of Tapae would belong to Trajan, pushing Decebalus and his forces back. Decebalus would have some success with hit and run type tactics, as “he knew better than to attack the heavily fortified Roman camps” and attempted a winter campaign to try and relieve some of the pressure that Trajan’s forces had put on his. The true Roman tenacity would again come to the forefront, as Decebalus retreated to the mountains to resist, but Trajan’s forces would isolate these strongpoints and take them down “one by one.” Trajan would return to Rome to celebrate his Truimp in 102 AD after defeating Decebalus who is seen on the column dedicated to Trajan’s victory “kneeling and begging for mercy.” Trajan showed Decebalus mercy and he would come to regret it, as the
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