Roman Culture And The Roman Empire

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Roman Culture The Roman Empire is among the greater ancient civilizations known to man. In 753 B.C. Rome at one point consisted of The Rhine River to Egypt and from Asia Minor to Britain accumulating some 2 millions square miles. This essay goes over some of their culture and the great strides made throughout 753 BC to 27 BC and from 64 AD to 1453 A.D. I. Military The Roman military focused on teamwork and making their soldiers brave throughout their training. The Equitatus played a major role in legionary tactics. The Romans military was far more superior and successful than any other army for a thousand years. Over many centuries the Romans dominated the world which brought most of Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East under their rule. The only way to obtain citizenship was to serve in the Roman military and basically get what we call an honorable discharge nowadays. The Army didn’t allow marriage until Cladius came to power in 10 B.C. The military frowned upon being married even after Cladius. Roman tactics and advanced weaponry was extremely influential to their success. They had tremendously brutal heavy cavalry called Franks and Lombards. They also came out with a genius design of an advanced cross bow that was far more accurate than that of an average archer. II. Architecture One of the biggest advances in architecture during Ancient Rome was definitely their water systems. The Roman Empire had extensive aqueducts that carried a vast quantity of water to
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