Roman Culture Essay

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This project was assigned to demonstrate the influence of Roman culture into the modern day world. Our group interpreted this and decided that one of the most important things that were inspired by the Romans was the architecture and structure of the buildings. After some debate, we decided on two structures: the aqueduct and a Roman marketplace. Our group voted, the market was chosen, and the plans were laid. The market of Rome inspired the modern day version because of its layout of the buildings and the strip-mall type structure. The Romans had long open “hallways” of stores, in which columns lined two sides that had roofs connected to the other end. This allowed people to walk in and out quickly and to have the comfort of shade. On the Miami side, we had a tall building made of what appears to be metal and glass. In front of this are an umbrella and table, inside lies the elaborate decorations, and cash register. This demonstrates how Roman culture has influenced the modern world, and has improved throughout time.…show more content…
One member shared a photograph of a street in Miami that contained many similarities to the Roman marketplace in our minds. The plan was to create the project being half Miami and half Rome. In the brainstorming phase of the plan we decided to have six separate sheets of cardboard each with a store. It would have two small stores for each side, and one big store on each end. One member pointed out that due to the limited time, to complete this project we would not have enough time, and he suggested to prioritize buildings to have a finished product and add on later. The other members reluctantly agreed, but at the time to brainstorm they thought it could be done. The group decided that the best way to handle it was to create the four small market places, and if there was time than each of the big marketplace could be added. After the brainstorm, we needed to
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